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Wrinkle Injection

Many believe wrinkle-injection will make you look “frozen” or “surprised”, however when injected correctly it will soften and relax your wrinkles giving you a much more rejuvenated appearance, still allowing you to formulate facial expressions.  Nobody needs to know how you’ve been aging gracefully; your secret is safe with us. Don’t have wrinkles yet? wrinkle-injection is also very much a preventive wrinkle treatment.

What is Wrinkle-injection

Wrinkle-injection Cosmetic is a purified protein that temporarily inactivates the targeted muscle group that produces wrinkles.  It does not freeze your expression; and there is no loss of sensation. What it does do is temporarily prevent the muscle from fully contracting which will prevent wrinkling, and correct any wrinkles already formed. Over time, and without the daily contraction of the muscle, wrinkle-injection can reverse wrinkling as the skin relaxes into its previously smooth contours allowing collagen to resurface. Wrinkle-injection is both FDA and Health Canada approved and has been used medically and cosmetically for over 20 years.

Injection therapeutic for sweating

Wrinkle-injection and can be used to treat excessive sweating, not caused by physical activity, on the hands, feet, wrists, back and underarms. It can significantly reduce Hyperhidrosis by blocking the release of substances that overly activate the sweat glands. The reduction in sweating begins to take effect immediately after the treatment, but can take up to14 days for the full effect. The result of this procedure lasts 7 to 9 months.

What is a Wrinkle-injection cosmetic treatment?

Wrinkle-injection is a comfortable treatment with no downtime, providing dramatic results. You’ll begin to see noticeable smoothing in 3-6 days and the full effects in about 14 days. wrinkle-injection lasts anywhere from three to six months dependant on area and amount injected.  Wrinkle-injection can also be used to reduce excessive sweating and migraines.